Different Types of Slots – Different Types of Slots.


In every online slot on situs poker online website, you will find two types of camps namely video and the classic. Classic slots are mostly a tribute to the slot machines which is found in the land-based casinos. From the last 30 years, there are three reels, classic symbol, and the minimal pay lines. The classic symbols are melons, BARs, cherries and the bells which are as long and back from the 20th century.  These 20th-century machines are used mostly for dispensing of the chewing gums.


Today online slots are of 5-reel games which have 3 to 4 rows. This is also allowing for more paylines, but in all of that, the 5 reel and the 20 payline game is very standard among all the available online slots.


3d Video

There are slots that are coming with slick animation, very interactive graphics and the very expensive sequences off introduction. This would be giving a look at a modern computer game. You will find it a little lengthy animation and which would create a distraction. But whenever you win the combo this animated sequence would play on the computers. Your computers and the tablets should be able to handle this kind of heavy memory games which is also becoming a trend.


These slots are of high variance and instead of selecting the paylines you have to automatically bet on all the 1024 paylines which are available. You have to normally bet for the paylines which are 30 times more than the coin size and then the winning combination is distributed.


Similarly, with the 1024 way slots, there are 243 different ways in which you can offer the slots having the 243 possible paylines.

Progressive Slots

The big developers are mostly offering progressive slots. The part of your bet is going towards the jackpot which is spread across the online casino who are offering the game. These jackpots are normally triggered when the betting amount is very maximum which is very rare and are very expensive to hit. This progressive can be run via the bonus round and are triggered randomly and they are run with the thousands of dollars before they can are get hit. The world records are standing at a 22,974,400 which are won by the Finnish player in the year 2013 at the online slots named as Mega Fortune.

Mobile Slots

There are many developers who are re-launching the popular slots and are releasing the new ones which are specifically are tailored to the new generation smartphone and the tablet. They are having many new features which are very similar to there online cousins which include the jackpots and the bonus rounds. There would be variation in the presence of button and the game screen in the appearance.

These online slots on agen poker websites are a presence from the mid 1990s when the micro gaming has been introduced with the basic slot of just 3 reels and single winning paylines.

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